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Shapeshifting Reptilians

Garnish Ale|7.0%

And we’ll never be ROOOOY-ALLLSSS!

And good thing, too! Because, we hear those shifty Monarchs have a nefarious agenda. We have it on good authority, from reliable sources, that those families and their bloodlines are space reptiles here to enslave humanity!! They disguised by cleverly shapeshifting and walking amongst us. Similarly, this beer is just as difficult to pin down, and wears many faces. At first glance, it is a mild-mannered Amber Ale, but upon one mere whiff, it is clear this beer is not of this world. Spiced like the lovely pickle that *garnishes* every piping-hot order of chicken at Royals (with whom we brewed this collaboration), the aroma is strangely floral and gives away a hint of what is to follow: perfume-y dillweed and paprika, followed by the subtle kick of cayenne and a mild salt savoriness. A beer meant to have malt body enough to balance the heat of that spicy delicacy while complimenting the flavor.


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