Over 21?
We're hiring a Sales & Brand Ambassador for Indiana!

Position Type: Full-time

Job Title: Against the Grain Sales & Brand Ambassador

Hours Per Week: 40-50 (Dependent on Special Event and Activations)

Wage: Salary negotiable

Job Description:

• To be the driving sales force and face that represents all aspects of
Against the Grain in designated territory. (Southern and Central Indiana)

• Understanding and knowledge of Against the Grain brands, products, and

• Ensures that markets, distributors, accounts, and consumers are
contacted with the appropriate frequency

◦ The Sales/Brand Ambassador is 100% prepared to sell at all times
with samples, information, and support materials.
◦ 4 out of 5 days of work week expected in market actively selling
Against the Grain products.
◦ Be prepared in market with a plan that uses anecdotal or
syndicated data, while visiting identified list of accounts (on/off
premise- top, middle, lower tier).
◦ Scheduled time spent with distributor reps in work-with/ride along
◦ Consumer interactions while executing beer festivals, tasting,
special events, activations, etc. (par level set based on season)

• Knowledgeable of alcohol industry dynamics, competitive
products/distributors, and specific understanding of local laws and

• Develop and maintain relationships with distribution management and
sales team (Cavalier Distributing) within specific territory (IN) in order to
increase sales and visibility of Against the Grain products. Maintain clear,
proactive, and decisive communication with Cav. IN to educate, keep up
to date, informed, and aware of incoming inventory/new brands/special
releases/etc. (Trajectory of Sales/Pre-Sales)

• Develop on-and-off-premise account placements and relationships within
IN territory. Focus exclusively on selling and/or increasing number of
Against the Grain brands in ALL retail accounts, while remaining focal to
specific account wants and needs (bars/restaurants, music venues, liquor,
grocery, and convenient stores).

• Identify major opportunities that are not being penetrated with our
products, create a plan of attack with sales manager and distribution team
to establish business with said accounts, and provide continuing follow-up

• Improving conditions and merchandising accounts by building displays,
resetting coolers by facing and fronting product, and displaying/providing
point of sale items to increase the overall visibility of the brand.

• Coordinate and execute tastings, promotions, on-premise events and beer
festivals within responsible territory effectively and as frequently as
possible within parameters set forth by Sales Manager.

• Conduct tastings/beer schools and tours of Portland production facility for
buyers, managers, waitstaff, and bartenders at accounts to better help
them identify with ATG as a brand. To help create a proponent outside of
our company that stands by the merit of our brand/beer and helps hand-
sell beer at the consumer level.

• Recommend and refer Against the Grain products to customers based on
their specific needs, by providing cost analysis, specific brand details, and
merit of product over competitors.

• Assess and trouble-shoot any customer problems/issues with brand or
distributor with the utmost urgency. Including but not limited to:
dated/damaged product, inconsistent product, distributor qualms, etc.

• Have point of sale items stocked and available for accounts that
request/need them. Including but not limited to: tap handles, coasters,
posters, koozies, stickers, general product descriptions, and apparel.

• Maintain clear and decisive communication with brewery, production, and
sales management teams regarding progress in specific territory to better
facilitate the needs within said territory.

• Weekly Sales Meetings & Progress Reports: Organize and maintain
detailed reports including but not limited to; expenses (monthly), progress
reports (weekly), depletions, allocations, merchandise requests, etc.

Applicant Requirements:

• Carry oneself in a professional and responsible manner when selling,
promoting, serving, and consuming alcohol.
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills. (Verbal and Written)
• Strong organizational skills to help execute multiple tasks simultaneously.
• Cover the entire market effectively with the willingness to travel regularly.
• Proficient problem solving and decision-making skills.
• Must be 21 years of age or older.
• Must complete TIPS Alcohol Training within 3 months of hire date.

If interested, please email cover letter and resume to Daniel Thompson at
[email protected] with the subject line reading, “Wiggity Woo”