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Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse is temporarily closed. Public House by Against the Grain is open for dine-in!

Meet our crew with mostly checkered pasts.

From former goat wranglers to space oddities, it takes a group of individuals to make Against the Grain the dark-humored beacon of fart jokes it is.

Together make one helluva a team!

Team ATG Team ATG

Sam Cruz


“No shoes, no shirt, no problem.”

Team ATG Team ATG

Andrew Ott


“I once hung upside down on a rollercoaster for 4 hours.”

Team ATG Team ATG

Adam Watson


“Greetings sapiens!”

Team ATG

Jerry Gnagy


“For cryin’ out loud! The first “G” is silent!”

Team ATG Team ATG

Jessy Harding

Assistant Director of Operations

“I mean, I’m not wrong.”

Team ATG Team ATG

Katie Molck

Marketing Director

“Eeehhh, but I have some questions!”

Team ATG Team ATG

Alex Vogt

Production Brewer

“Every Vogt counts.”

Team ATG Team ATG

Daniel “Shaggy” Thompson

National Sales Manager

“He’ll give ya five good ones just to stoke up a whale.”

Team ATG Team ATG

Cameron “Danger” Russ

Kentucky Sales Representative

‘”ppreciate ya.”

Team ATG Team ATG

Jeana Zimmerman

Indiana Sales Representative

“What even is time, man?”

Team ATG Team ATG

Kyle McCoy

Pit Master

“I look better in person.”

Team ATG Team ATG

Ted Brower

Smokehouse Brewer

“Michigan Man”

Team ATG Team ATG

Tyler Martin


“I like your jacket.”

Team ATG Team ATG

Whitney Darnall

Administrator and Executive Assistant

“Get out of my office.”