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Herr Sonnenschein


Mr. ”Sunshine-On-My-Goddamn-Shoulders”

Enough umpa-umpa to get your dirndl in a twist!  But sometimes you need something equally wholesome if not a little less, ah, accordion.  In Munich, they hike up their lederhosen and raise their liters to some good ol’ John Denver while they gulp down a beer just like this little ol’ Fest Bier we’ve brewed with our dear pal Maggie.  She’s going to be brewing at the new Wild Hops Brewery in Logan Street market, opening this last weekend of Oktoberfest!  So we put together a lightly bready, lager with a mild richness and just a touch of fruity, floral character from some Mandarina Bavaria.  PROST!

Character / Series
Lager Yeast


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