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Frosty Goat

White Bock |7.1%

Frosty the Goatman was a horny, happy soul!

Aww, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Where we celebrate thinly veiled pagan rituals repackaged as new and American.  Taking something old and making it new again is the American way, and we pay homage to that wonderful national past-time with Frosty Goat!  Old Jacob Hornung’s of Philadelphia tipped a hat to his German ancestors with Hornung’s White Bock, a riff on the tried bock bier with lots of Pilsen, but added some wheat for a depth of flavor.  We followed the tradition of reinvention and bring you Frosty Goat:  a 7.1% lager, big enough to be a Bock, but lighter in color and body.  A perfect beer for colder months, but with a bright malty backbone.  Enjoy!

White Bock
Character / Series
Lager Yeast


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