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Ethiopian Snafu Parlor

Brown Ale with Coffee|4.0%

A sudsy Sidamo, Sir?

Nomads of East Africa were said to be the first to notice the stimulating qualities of the red berries of the coffee trees. A few centuries later, the beans inside the fruit were being roasted, ground and brewed into the beverage we know and love today. We took it a step further by combining brewing processes into the next step in this magical beverage’s evolution: Coffee Beer. At once stimulating and relaxing, this Brown Ale has the best of both worlds. Its aroma is that of the best cup o’joe marked by flavors of caramel and brown malts blending seemlessly with the roasty, rich character of the beans. Ale yeast and the naturally fruity character of the Ethiopia Sidamo are a perfect match. A late addition of Lactose to the kettle lends a sweetness similar to your morning latte. A hint of caffeine, a hint of booze and a mouthful of flavor await you.

Brown Ale
Character / Series


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