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The Inaugural Bourbon Cocktail Contest!

Cocktail contest 2023

Monks Road Bourbon presents,

The Inaugural ATG Bourbon Cocktail Contest


February 7, 2023

In conjunction with our 2nd annual Burgoo Bash, Against the Grain will be hosting a ProAm cocktail-making contest. Both divisions will include 15 contestants. Contestants will have seven minutes to prepare a cocktail before a panel of judges from Against the Grain, Log Still Distillery, and three celebrity judges. 

The contest will be judged on March 18th. First prize for the contest is $500, a tour experience at Log Still Distillery’s campus, & 2 tickets to see Dwight Yoakum at The Amp at Log Still Distillery on July 14th! Second place will get Log Still Distillery swag & 2 tickets to see Dwight Yoakum on July 1th.  


Contestants must be 21 or older to enter. Only one entry is allowed per person or organization. Five sample servings of the cocktail must be prepared before the judges in the allotted 7-minute window, prepared as it will be served. Prior to submission, contestants must present the judges with a recipe that includes a list of ingredients. The recipes should be easily replicated and made of ingredients that are either easily acquired or created. 

What Will be Provided?

All cocktails must include Monk’s Road Wheated Bourbon, which will be provided by Against the Grain (provided for judging only). Ice will be provided as well. 

What Should Contestants Bring?

Contestants must bring their own building tools, such as jiggers and shakers. Liquor may be poured with a jigger or similar instrument, or poured freely. Home-made ingredients such as syrups are allowed, but a full recipe with ingredients must be submitted prior to judging.  

Winners will be announced during our second annual Burgoo Bash from 3pm to 5pm.

For consideration of entry, please email [email protected] .Subject line: BOURBON COCKTAIL, include your name and phone number in the body of the email.

  1. All contestants must be 21 years of age or older
  2. First 15 entries are taken and contacted to confirm participation
  3. One entry per person and/or organization
  4. Must utilize Monks Road Wheated Bourbon in the cocktail
  5. ATG will supply bourbon and ice for assembly
  6. Contestants will supply the presentation (all items) and any other necessary products.
  7. Contestant must adequately present product (explain) to the judges
  8. Contestants must create 5 sample servings to be judged. 
  9. Contestants must submit recipes prior to judging. 
  10. Recipes must be easily replicated, made with or from ingredients readily and widely available.
  11. Ingredients may be measured with a jigger, or similar measure, or freely poured.
  12. Drinks must be assembled in front of the judges, with intended presentation.
  13.  Drinks must be in the form of a long or short drink, not a shot.
  14.  Any homemade ingredients must submit a full recipe with the entry.
  15. There is a time limit of 7 minutes to make the cocktail
  16. Judging will take place at The Burgoo Bash, on March 18th 
  17. Winners will be announced at The 2nd Annual Burgoo Bash on March 18th at 5pm.