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Julia’s Musings

Julias pondering pouring beer

You may recognize me from the Downtown Public House, either serving on the floor or behind the bar. I’ve been with ATG since June 2022, and I guess I had enough cool stuff to say that they moved me into the office and gave me a blog to ramble on. That or I dropped one too many sandwiches and they thought I would be better suited here.

Since moving to Louisville in January 2022, I’ve loved getting to know this quirky city and becoming a Louisvillian. Two of my favorite things are beer and community, which I believe go hand-in-hand.

One of my favorite parts of bartending is meeting people from all across the country. Although our time together is usually reserved to just an hour or so, I enjoy hearing about what patrons’ call home and sharing a little bit about what I love about Louisville. My first blog post is about my favorite Louisville Public Parks, and which ATG beer “pairs” well with them—it’s probably something I would’ve rambled about behind the bar.

Beer & Louisville Park Pairings

It seems every year Kentucky has us on our toes with these sprinklings of 60-and-sunny days before dropping us back into the drear again. Kentucky spring is beautiful and fleeting. When these days of perfect spring weather come and go, I find myself daydreaming of all the outdoor fun the coming warm seasons will hold. This got me thinking—we’re always pairing beer with food–what if we could pair beer with a vibe? A good time? A fleeting spring day? Here are some ATG staples paired with my favorite Louisville public parks, and some picnic food classics that bring it all together. 

A Beer in Cherokee Park

Our premium American lager is my go-to for something light and refreshing. It pairs wonderfully with spicy dishes, sitting on a blanket in direct sunlight, and getting up to kick a soccer ball back to that kid who either doesn’t understand personal space or has terrible aim.

I can throw back A Beers all day without feeling too heavy, which is why it’s the perfect beer to enjoy after hiking to the top of Louisville’s Cherokee Park and back. Enjoy it alongside some takeout spicy noodles, hot wings, or a homemade salad, and catch a buzz after some sun!

35K Stout in Iroquois Park

If our 35K milk stout was a vibe, it would be sunsets and chocolate desserts, a blanket spread out under a late afternoon sky, and those cozy days between summer and winter that seem to slip through our fingers. If it was a park, it would be Iroquois and those famous views that span over our beautiful city. Just like a romantic picnic at the outlook, this beer pairs with sunset, barbecue wings, homemade chocolate brownies…hand-holding…?

The Brown Note in Pope Lick Park

If you’re up for an adventure and a chance encounter with the Goatman, head to Pope Lick Park for a terrifying moonlit picnic. Legend has it, this half-goat, half-human cryptid lurks around Pope Lick Park and lures visitors across the trestle bridge to their doom. While I can’t confirm his existence, I would surely crap my pants if I ran into the guy. That’s why if The Brown Note was a park, it would be the home of the Goatman himself.

If you burnt some calories running for your life, wash down a delicious meal with the Brown Note. This slightly-roasty, malty, and easy-drinking brown ale pairs with just about everything, but I prefer it alongside a brat, fish sandwich, or burger from our Public House. Something filling of course, because you did just successfully evade the Goatman.

Citra Ass Down DIPA at Waterfront Park

The Waterfront Park is always hoppin’, and so is our imperial IPA Citra Ass Down. This beer is bright, citrussy, outgoing and fun, just like the folks you’ll encounter enjoying this famous Louisville park. Although it goes with just about anything, I prefer to drink it alongside a dish that has just as much personality as the beer. Try it with takeout tacos from any of the restaurants just around the corner in NULU, or whatever tickles your fancy—Citra Ass Down is hard to disappoint. 

Loo a vuhl Pale at Central Park

Louisvillians are very particular about how you pronounce ‘Louisville’. When I first moved to Kentucky from Wisconsin, I was berated for the way I said ‘loo-E-ville’ until I finally got it right. Louisvillians are also proud of their city’s history and architecture—such as the neighborhood of Old Louisville, home to stunning Victorian homes and historic walking courts. 

That’s why our Loo-a-vuhl Pale Ale reminds me of Central Park. Both the beer and park are blooming with botanicals, and both are sure to make Louisvillians proud. This dry-hopped pale ale has notes of peach, strawberry and mango. It’s hazy and agreeable, just like your picnic companions (hopefully). I love to pair a fresh snack with this beer, like a fruit-heavy charcuterie tray or salad full of bright-produce.

While it may be hard to believe now, (consistently) warm weather is right around the corner. Take advantage of these upcoming spring days, and waste no time heading out to explore some of Louisville’s many beautiful outdoor attractions. Whatever you do, don’t go alone—remember to grab a six pack on your way out.