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Adam Abroad | Keep it Brewin’!


Adam Watson has once again crossed the pond to drink beer, see friends, but most importantly bring back to us the peculiar musings of an American abroad. 

England Day 3:

Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye for now to the fine chaps at Anspach and Hobday as I boarded a train to Manchester. After checking in to my hotel and dropping by Cloudwater’s taproom, Unit 9, I went out to the Brewdog Outpost for our tap takeover. We had five beers on, many people drank them, and I got to sample a wide array of their offerings while sharing stories with their brewer, their staff, and their patrons. All in all, I had a great time.

One conversation that struck me particularly well was with a guy who runs a bar in a small town out on the east coast of England. He told me about cutting his drinking teeth on a variety of local malty cask ales (in the true CAMRA style) and then seeing the proverbial light one day when he adventured to a pub that had kegs. Kegs! He was delighted with how bright, clean, and flavorful beer could be out of a keg. Now I fully realize that I border on fetishizing the concept of cask ale when I’m back in the states. It’s one thing that I can never find reliably anywhere I go, but over here, the stuff makes up roughly 50% of beer sold. I was stunned that this guy grew up drinking cask and was so impressed when he finally got to drink beer from a keg. I’m just the opposite; it seems. I have keg beer all the time and am overjoyed when I get the opportunity to drink something out of a cask.

I’m sure there’s a lesson roughly equivalent to “the grass is always greener” in there somewhere, but I can’t find it. I was too busy adding to my growing collection of sketches of penises. My theory still holds, by the way.