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What is a Kentucky Hi-Five?

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A Kentucky Hi-Five is really very simple: A Beer Super American Premium Lager and a shot of Kentuck bourbon.

The dynamic duo pairs two of Kentucky’s leading liquids, craft beer, and bourbon to honor and celebrate our good old Kentucky home. It’s a gesture of welcome to those new to town or traveling through. It’s better than a howdy doody. It’s a hell yeah with a shot to follow!

We landed on the name Kentucky Hi-Five, thanks to the men’s 1979-1980 UofL basketball team. Legend, or as we believe, history tells us that they invented the hi-five according to long time Courier-Journal/Sports Illustrator journalist, Billy Reed. UofL basketball players, Wiley Brown and Derek Smith, are said to have been the first people to have ever hi-fived. One day at practice, Brown went to give Smith a low five, and Smith said, “Make it high!”