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Against the Grain’s Response to COVID-19 Concerns


Since we’re in the business of food, beverage, and good fun, we figured we ought to let ya know we’re responding to COVID-19 at the Smokehouse, Public House, and Portland Production. Obviously, our top priority is to ensure the safety of our staff and patrons. We run a tight ship when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation each and every day, but we’re making extra efforts in response to concerns surrounding COVID-19 at ALL of our locations.

Here’s a list of those extra efforts to help put your mind at ease!

-If any staff member has even the slightest symptoms of illness, they are encouraged to stay home or sent home and may return to work after seeing and being cleared to work by a licensed healthcare professional.

-Beyond our regular standard operating procedures, we are enacting hourly sanitation protocols on high trafficked public areas and surfaces to ensure maximum effectiveness of our cleaning and sanitation measures. Each cleaning and sanitation measure is logged hourly and scrutinized by management regularly.

-We have removed a number of tables to create a larger spatial barrier between diners at our restaurant locations. 

-We are mounting hand sanitizer stations conveniently near the entrance/exit doors.

-Our production facility is currently closed to the public.

We’d like to ask our patrons to also aid in keeping things safe by taking preventive actions like washing hands often and thoroughly, staying home if you’re sick, and keeping up to date on how to protect yourself and others adequately.

During this time, we feel it’s essential to all of us here at Against the Grain to continue to provide the fun-loving experience people know and love. We will remain open, and all of our events will go on as scheduled.

If you need a little escape or maybe just a beer, we’re here!


We’re also temporarily accepting toilet paper as a form of currency. Just kidding! We’ve got plenty of rolls. For now…..