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Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse Grand Opening


Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse is excited to announce our Grand Opening on October 4th, 2011 at our newly renovated brewpub at 401 E. Main St. in Slugger Field at the corner of Jackson and Main Streets Our hours will be 11am to midnight six days a week with a more limited Sunday schedule, but we will stay upen until 2am if there are sufficient patrons to justify it.

Against the Grain is Louisville’s only brewer owned brewpub, and we are proud to share our innovative beers and delicious menu. Jerry Gnagy, Sam Cruz, Adam Watson, and Andrew Ott are the brewers/owners who share a variety of backgrounds.Jerry brings an award winning brew history, Sam has deep ties to both the beer and artistic communities, Adam is a licensed attorney who would rather practice beer, and Andrew has over a decade of restaurant management experience.The beer will be an ever-evolving array that always covers the gamut of flavors by providing a session, hoppy, malty, dark, smoked, and an experimental beer at all times.

The food parallels the beer in quality and excitment as our dual chefs Reed Johnson and Akeem Hasegawa bring a blend of down-home smoking and gastropub flare to a menu of largely local foods.Their experience is stellar, and their skill is even more impressive.

We’re having a great time down here at Against the Grain, and starting October 4th, you are all invited!