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Adam Abroad | Hungover Bullet Points


Adam Watson has once again crossed the pond to drink beer, see friends, but most importantly bring back to us the peculiar musings of an American abroad. 

England Day 5:

I spent my fifth day in the UK working two 4.5 hour sessions of the beer festival and then heading out to get drinks with other brewers. While this perhaps left me with a less linear narrative for today, I think it suits a handful of potentially disconnected bullet point observations.
Here we go:

1. A sausage roll from Greggs is an excellent breakfast food if you find yourself a bit overdone from the night before.

2. If you are pouring beer between Burning Sky and Fonta Flora, you will have tasty things to drink all day.

3. British folks throw down some beer, even if that means a 13.0% stout before noon.

4. A booth near the exit taught me that there is a certain point of intoxication where it becomes easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for you to walk through an open set of double doors.

5. Don’t do yoga on a floor where people have been dropping beer glasses all day.

6. Bundobust makes a killer Vada Pav (Indian spiced potato burger thing).

7. Drink more Saisons from Forest & Main.

8. Some Dutch people are very tall.

9. You’ll need a pink wristband for the afterparty.


10. The beer industry is full of interesting, gregarious, generous people.

11. Even the company of those people cannot ease the custom-made hell that is a Manchester student karaoke bar.

12. If your song is 60th in line, you will not sing tonight.


Written by: Adam Watson