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31st and Wharton: The Story of Against the Grain and Philly (cheesesteak)


In our second wholesaler shout-out, we want to give a big thanks to our friends and partners at 31st and Wharton in Pennsylvania! It’s pretty cool a small brewery in Kentucky can have a presence in a place like Philadelphia with such a vibrant beer market. We owe this honor to the fine people at 31st and Wharton!

We’ve had a lot of good times together through the years from our cigarette and beer pairing event at 12 Steps Down to a live wrestling event with our friends at Neshaminy Creek Brewery.

The team at 31st and Wharton are always there to make things work and, of course, put up with our silly crap! They continued to receive beer from us throughout the pandemic, and we’re excited about our future together, oh, and cheesesteaks!


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