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2014 Bo & Luke Variant Wax Color Guide


Below is the cheat sheet for identifying the Bo & Luke Variant releases we have done.

Orange: This is your standard everyday (yeah, we wish it was that easy) Bo & Luke

2013 Variant release:

Red: Hot Pepper Bo & Luke
Copper: Lapsang Souchong Tea Bo & Luke
White: Peanut Butter Bo & Luke
2014 Variant Release:

Green: Rosemary & Mint Bo & Luke
Pink: Strawberry Bo & Luke
Tan: Orange & Cacao Nib Bo & Luke
Burgundy: Congnac Barrel Bo & Luke
White: Vanilla Bo & Luke (yes we did a white wax in 2013, but we changed bottle shape for 2014 Belgian 750mL)

soooo…..maybe this is a little forward, but hint hint hint…. we will be doing a release of our standard Bo & Luke in the near future… keep an eye out on social media for details!