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You Can Jordance If You Want To…

Za'atar-inspired Saison Brewed in Collaboration with Carakale Of Oman, Jordan|5.5%

Not so long ago, but still in a land far, far away, a man living in the white and gleaming city of Oman dreamt of beer. This man started his brewery in that very city in Jordan and he made many beers, but the fledgling beer scene in his country was not ready for his big ideas. So he ventured out, in search of a brewery bold enough and with a reputation for going off the reservation. Once he found us, he knew he needed look no farther. It was as if the stars aligned when we sat down to discuss our collaboration with Yazan from Carakale, for we had conceived of brewing the very beer he had been told, time and time again, was too out there, too much: a Za’atar-inspired Saison. We assured him, nothing was too out here or ever enough here at AtG, and we conspired to perfect the spice blend that permeats all Middle Eastern meals, from Cairo to Jerusalem to Tehran to Oman. This blend of herbs and spices brings a nuance to a solid, fruity saison that we’re pretty sure will make you smarter just by drinking it.

Belgian, Saison
Character / Series
Za'atar Spice Blend
Saison Yeast


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