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We Keep on Hazing

India Pale Ale brewed with special techniques to produce and retain tropical fruity flavor and aroma and holds proteinaceous haze to give smooth body |7.9%

We Keep on Hazing!

The third installment of our Haze Capacitor series. We Hazed, then we hazed again, so we said to ourselves,…”Selves!…Let’s keep on Hazing.” And that’s exactly what we did. Some of those kooky kids on the beer block gave us the low-down on what hops make the most tropical, fruity, juicy, loosey flavors and aromafications. They say, you hafta have the Amarillo and the Mosaic to make your Haze Capacitor perform at peak precision. And lemme tell you…They were right! HAZE is the CRAZE!

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