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Tobacco-Smoked Bok|6.5%

Do you long for the olden days, back when you could have a nice meal and sit back and light your digestif cigar? Do you even remember when you could watch a sporting event like American Football or Nascar and not miss the action because some busybodies have relegated you to the outer limits in order to enjoy that delicious cigarette experience? I for one am tired of being treated like a second class citizen for smoking. I am funding half your kids education with the taxes on my smokes and you look at me like I’m a deviant? What’s the problem, now you hate kids? Well AtG has found yet another way to bring everyone together and unite. I took the liberty of sourcing some very nice St. James Perique and Connecticut Shade tobaccos and smoked the malt that went into this fine beer. It has that rich fruity smoke flavor good enough for a Cowboy. And cowboys are one of the three things that make Gerald happy. The other two being clowns and robots.


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