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We wanna hear you cry, “UNCLE!”

This Belgian Strong Ale began life as a bunch of Marris Otter malt. A handful of specialty malts including some caramel malt, aromatic malt, and roasted barley got in on the fun to add a little malty complexity. The hopping rates were reserved, but someone spiked the punch with a gob of dates, plums, and raisins to really emphasize the fruity flavors produced by the Belgian yeast. But being fruity, estery, and malty wasn’t quiteenough. After fermentation, this beer spent about twoand a half months in some bourbon barrels that had previously held one of our other bourbon barrel aged beers. The result was a very slight bourbon note, a background roasty character, some prominent vanilla-esque oak flavors, and a little aftershock of woody booziness. This one is devastatingly complex, so take your time and enjoy.

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