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The Last Wort

Green Chartruese-Spiced Imperial Lager and in Aviation Gin Barrels with Lime and Cherries|7.4%

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There were once dark days when this fine nation banned the consumption of the Elixir of Joy, the Lightener of Spirits, you know the one! Booze! Both liquor and beer alike were banished from the land, but after 13 long years, on this very day in December (the 5th!), the law of the land recanted its whoaful verdict and decreed that life, liberty and the pursuit of schwilliness were once again every AmericanThe Last Wort. Prior to Prohibition the US of A had a proud tradition of Pilseners and Gin cocktails. To honor both, we created an Imperial Pilsner base beer and flavored it to honor one helluva drink: The Last Word. The Last Wort is brewed with 39 of the 139 ingredients in Green Chartruese, then aged in Aviation Gin Barrels with lime and cherries. Cheers, chums!

Character / Series
Ella!, Tettnang
Lager Yeast


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