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The Haze Begins

India Pale Ale brewed with special techniques to produce and retain tropical fruity flavor and aroma and holds proteinaceous haze to give smooth body |7.5%

We went back in time to brew this beer which is the first Hazy IPA ever!

The first installment of our Haze Capacitor series. You wanted rotation nation? Well you got it buddy! We’re loading up high hopped and hazy crazy beers at our brewpub and cranking out small quantities super fresh. Only dropping 5-7 barrels on the USA, these juicy pooties are gonna get you gushy. The hop crop has dropped and you are the beneficiary because Crazy Jerry forgot how to brew and has no concept of restraint when it comes to serious hopping schedules. Reserve yours today before he goes forward to the past and brews a smoked beer.

Hazy IPA
Character / Series


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