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Screaming Mimi


Calmer ‘n you, dude.

A good, ol’ fashion freak-out is all this beer asks for. It’s what your grandpa woulda drank to drown the memory of the artillery shells the Krauts launched at him during WWI. It’s the state your Great-Aunt Irma got to that time she drank bathtub gin at the Speakeasy. It’s a classic American Cream Ale brewed with corn for a crispness and a slight, simple sweetness Pabst would be proud of. We added a lil’ Nelson Sauvin late hop addition, just to stamp it as our own. It is a beer to go over a barrel with. To do a manic Jitter-bug with. To rave on into the night with. Have at it, Hooplehead.

Character / Series


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