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Scotland Charred

Scottish Style Ale Brewed with Cherry Wood and Smoked Malt|7.3%

Put this in your bagpipe and smoke it

A Scottish style ale brewed with cherry wood smoked malt. Maris Otter, Munich and Smoked malt make up the majority of this ale’s grist bill. Heavy kettle caramelization was employed by partially filling the kettle and boiling to reduce volume, increase gravity and provide caramel flavors and dextrins, resulting in a full body and sweet malt notes. The smokey flavor differs from most smoked beers because the barley malt was smoked with cherry wood instead of the traditional beechwood. The cherry wood smoke is sweeter, less phenolic and has some toasted and nutty notes to it. English Nugget hops were used just to balance the sweetness and a Scottish yeast was used to ferment.

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