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Schwilson Schwillips


Just hoooold on for one more da-ay, things’ll go your wa-ay…. Hold-on-for-one-more-day.

The feel good brew of the summer, Schwilson Schwillips is to beer what those adorable ladies of the 80’s were to pop music: refreshing, bright, uncomplicated. We know there is pain, but if you just hold on to a pint of Schwilson Schwillips, you can break free from the chains… Unlike Carnie, this beer is light-bodied, just an all American Pale Malt kinda gal. Layer over that some mildly floral and fruity Willamette hops that sing on the palate almost as brightly as Wendy and the subtle ester stylings of a European Ale yeast on pitch with Chynna and you’ve got a Top 40 Hit. Someday someone’s gonna make you wanna turn around and say goodbye, but it ain’t this beer, baby.

Character / Series


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