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Santa Came Early

Milk Stout with Peppermint|7.0%

Don’t get angry, his refractory time is short.  He will be coming with gifts again.

So yeah, we do a Xmas beer too!  Merry Xmas!  That said, have you ever wondered what a peppermint stout would taste like?  Us too.  We called ole’ St. Nick up and asked him to send his elves down with all the candy canes they could round up… (not Candy Cane, just so you know we’re being serious).  Then we harnessed the spirit of that chubby ole codger and whipped up a stout dosed with those refreshing and delectible canes and…. Viola!!!  Santa Came Early!  Anyways, expect a stout, expect some refreshing peppermint and most importantly expect it early!

Milk Stout, Stout
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