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Project MJ-23


I said I’d never do it, I said it would never happen, but sometimes you have to break your own rules. Yes, this is an Against the Grain Black IPA. During the great black IPA rush of 2007 many a brewer dumped some black malt into their IPAs and thought they really did something special. Well the fervor has died down enough now that I feel cumfartable making this “Black IPA.” Brewed with pale, wheat and vienna malts, we then stir in 80# of kilned black barley at the last possible moment of the mash to extract color while limiting dark malt flavor. We then add 23# of American hops at various intervals during and after the boil. The result is a nice balance between some subtle roasty flavors and the citrusy and piney hop flavor and aroma. This blasé beer is sure to excite the more trite and uninspired beer geeks.

Black IPA, IPA
Character / Series


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