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Pjop Jhok

Bohemian-Style Lager|5.0%

Is funny, no? HA!! You know is. Everybody Pjops.

Czech Republic: home to the land of the Bohemians and some damn fine Lagers. Comic Genius? Not so much, but that doesn’t mean we should shy from their brewing traditions or bringing our own whimsical humor to naming those brews. Pjop Jhok is a Bohemian-style Lager brewed with a melange of Pilsen, Munich and Light Caramel malts and balanced by a medley of Magnum, Southern Cross and a healthy finishing dose of Tettnang hops for a flavor that is lightly sweet and full of herbal, floral earthiness. It is as universally delicious as potty humor is funny. As they say in Prague “Hovno je legracni!”

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