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Pale Pattern Boldness

Pale Ale|5.7%

Don’t be ashamed. Lots of strong pales experience boldness. Sometimes it’s genetic. Sometimes it’s from a life of worry. But there’s hope. You can always suck it up.

A deceptively simple pale ale, this beer carries a secret. It’s a Japanese secret. No, it doesn’t have a collection of used panties it bought from a vending machine. No, it is not a game show in disguise. No its girlfriend is not a pillow with a girl printed on it. What it does have is a ton of Sorachi Ace hops. A solid but simple malt bill gives way to the prominent but immensely palatable American hop additions shortly before the end of the boil, which lend citrusy and slightly piney flavors, and large Sorachi Ace additions at the end of the boil, which lend lemony and grassy flavors characteristic of that hop.

Pale Ale
Character / Series


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