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Opaque Is The New Black

New England-Style Black IPA|7.3%

We’ve upped the anty, seen these fools’orange juice IPA and raised them 20 SRM. Hazy’s yesterday, the future’s Opaque.

Live in the new and wonderous future! Opaque is the New Black catapults us there with a super-trendy hop bill matched with dark and rich malt bill. This beer is no accident, but the result of some truly visionary conversations and a collaborative brew with Platform Beer Co. We decided there’s only one way to trailblaze this unknown beer territory and that is for each of us to brew a batch and see who’s establishes the style to our as-yet-undecided parameters. Our dear friends have decided to release both versions at their 4th Anniversary Party on June 30th. We here in the fine state of Kentucky will get to try it this very day, and many after, and will remember it always as the day we charted a course for GREATNESS!

Black IPA, IPA
Character / Series
Kolsch Yeast


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