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Olive You

Olivewood-and-Pit-Smoked Dark Lager|5.8%

Olive You, a bushel and a peck

And a choke-hold round the neck! Noogies all around. And then!… a round of this deliciously eccentric olivewood-and-pit-smoked dark lager. What does that even mean?!? So glad you asked! It means we force fed our staff olives for a week so we could extract and collect the fruity, brine-soaked woody pits. We then mixed those pits with olivewood in our smoker and set it all a-flame, allowing the fragrant smoke to waft thru two-hundred pounds of malt, infusing it. Why? Because of love. Love of unique and painstaking flavor. Love of innovation and intrigue. BecauseOlive You, a bushel and a peck!


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