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Olde LaMontavious


Olde LaMontavious is an “Old” or “Stock Ale” in reference to 19th century breweries that would age this style a full year before serving. Old ales were normally dark brown and malty sweet with complex acidic and dark fruity notes. Against the Grain’s take on the style obviously does not include the one year aging period, but we brewed our version with 1200# of high quality English Maris Otter barley malt and a few handfuls of black malt, just for color. Prior to the boil we added a generous amount of molasses to give some complex sweetness. Then we hopped liberally with English Nugget, Kent Goldings and American Cascade and fermented with a Scottish style yeast, resulting in a dark, rich and malty ale. Then right before serving we took this beer out on a chartered boat driven by Steve Guttenberg and had an alien from the planet Antarea (who looked a lot like Brian Dennehy) charge the entire batch with his life force. Since this only can happen once every 10,000 years make sure you drink this beer while you can. After a few Olde LaMontavii, you will be making love and break dancing like you were in your mid-40s. Coo-Coo-Catchoo.


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