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Next Train to Bamberg

Our interpretation of a traditional Bamberg style lager using malts that are grown, malted and smoked locally.|5.3%

Don’t be a Deutsche, Catch the Next Train to Bamberg!

The next entry into the smoke category and we are heading down the tracks and picking up steam. We recalled our trip to Bamberg, Germany, (the mecca of smoked beers), to conjure up this crisp, clean and smokey lager that we had at Brauerei Spezial. This is an all day drinker that can be paired with sausage, pork chops, oompah music and volkswagens (don’t drink and drive!) Commissioned by local beer and brewing laureate, Roger Baylor. This smoked beer will be part of the opening line-up for new German themed restaurant “Common Haus” in Jeffersonville, IN. We brewed this lager with base malt grown in KY and Smoked in Lebanon, IN by Sugar Creek Malting.


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