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New And Improved

New England-Style Hefeweizen|5.5%

Try the orange juice, it’s fantastic.

Have you had the new trend in IPAs!!???!! My god, these opaque, juicy concoctions are SOOOOOOOOOO in right now. But, ya know what, who wants to do what’s already been done? Not us, that’s for g-d sure. Why not take it to the next level? Why not take Hefeweizen to the next level? Right? Quadruple the noble hops in that bitch: done. Dry hop day three: oh HELL yeah. Dry hop again day five: you bet yer sweet ass. This yeast ain’t flockin’ for no one, and those hops ain’t goin’ no where. That there’s the milkshaky-est, cloudiest and, come on let’s get real, most NEW AND IMPPOVED style you’ve seen this year. Maybe even decade. And if that don’t bring the boys to the yard, ain’t nothin’ gonna.


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