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My Way or the Way Way


A really cool collaboration with our good friends at Way Beer in Curitiba Brazil. Way Beer is a 7 year old brewery and is one of the most significant breweries in the country. They normally make a beer called Amburana Lager which is simply a dopplebock style beer that a portion is aged in barrels made of Amburana wood. So we did our own twist on this by brewing a dopplebock using malt smoked with amburana wood and then aging that beer in a bourbon barrel. Amburana wood is basically the Brazilian Oak. It is a hardwood that they make furniture with and of course barrels. Amburana is one of my favorite woods because it is very very aromatic and sweet when toasted. (Think of a cedar but with cinnamon, vanilla and cocoa) So this is a really cool concept that will be coming out of the barrels in Sept. It is very limited because I had to smuggle all that hard wood back from Brazil in my sack. It was painful.

Bock, Dopplebock
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