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Mmm… D’oh! Nuts.

Spiced Smoked Lager|6.7%

Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?

We took this question the experts: Annie and Leslie from Hi-Five Donuts. After hours of debate and rumination, we decided that we weren’t sure
ANYTHING was possible, but we were damn sure you could make an m-fin’ delicious beer with them. And why not collaborate on an amazing donut to base the beer upon? Bacon was clearly a place to start, vanilla custard seemed a natural next move and then, we zigged, we zagged and landed on a glaze for the ages… Root Beer. That’s right, bitches. And if anyone can pull off that mind-bending delicacy, it’s those broads. We rose to the challenge with the creation of a Root Beer Donut Rauchbier. First, we smoked the hell outta some Pale malt with Birch, Maple and Oak woods for a touch of pig and spice. Munich malts impart a doughy character in addition to some delicious Hi-Five Donuts in the mash. Lactose, Brown Sugar and a gallon of their vanilla glaze in the boil ensure a flaky sweetness. Add to that a proprietary blend of spice in the boil and smoked vanilla in the fermenter and you’ve got yourself one mouthful of a shockingly easy-drinking beer. Donut Beer: it’s what’s for breakfast.

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