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Missed Kynections


Your gonna look around in your mind. You’re gonna find that I’m gone.

This is the beer to think about as the sun greets the dawn – when you woke up one Wednesday in November, and relized your ass was too lazy to do something really important, and now we’re all stuck with your decision, asshole. To help you wash down your regret we brewed this easy to swallow IPA with a healthy amount of rye, and doctored it up a bit with some flaked oats to open up the mouthfeel. Doses of the Cascade and HHF 069 varieties of Humulus lupulus lend citrus and floral notes reminicent of many IPAs from the Left Coast. So drink this down, take your medicine, and think about what you’ve done – or didn’t do. You’re going to miss it when it’s gone.

Character / Series


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