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Mango Till They’re Sore

Belgian-Style Wheat Beer with Mango|5.1%

….They take apart their nightmares and leave them by the door.

So we had a thought, as we were falling out the window with confetti in our hair: Witbier is GD delicious, but what if we got WEIRD with it. You can hold your breath ’til the sun goes down, but you won’t find a more zestily whacked-out Belgian wheat beer than Mango ‘Til They’re Sore. Its got that rich, bubble gum-y wheat body and Belgian fruitiness. We did add Bitter Orange Peel to the boil, but subbed out the coriander for the bizarre and bold Cubeb, a Southeast Asian spice kin to peppercorn with flavor similar to allspice and juniper. And then we got juicy with it and added 2 dozen pureed mangoes to the fermentor. The resulting beer is at once rich, light, aromatic and tangy with a satisfyingly spicy finish. So now we’ve told you all its secrets, but it lies about its past… but if you hear we brewed this for Hopcat’s Grand Opening, you probably aren’t all wrong…

Wheat Ale
Character / Series


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