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Mac Fannybaw

Peat-Smoked, Salted Barrel-Aged Rauchbier|8.0%

Literally, Son of Vagina Testicle. Why? It’s kinda funny.

Truly a ground-breaking beer, this Peat-smoked, Salted Barrel-aged Rauchbier was an attempt to replicate the flavors present in Islay Scotch Whiskey. We used Munich malt as a base and added copious amounts of Beechwood and Peat smoked malt, which provides the intense smoky and earthy peat flavors found in Scotch. Then the addition of salt lends a crisp brininess that is reminiscent of the sea air in the Islay region of Scotland. Aged in Bourbon Barrels to give an intense caramel and whiskey flavor.


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