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Kentuckifornia Kommon

Oak Aged Sour Amber Ale|5.2%

Brewed with our friends from Abnormal Brewing Co. in Rancho Bernardo (San Diego), California.  This beer is a take on the classic, yet often forgotten, Kentucky Common beer style that had some moderate popularity near the turn of the century… last century, not this last, last turn….  Anyway, the base beer is California’s own indigenous beer style, the “California Common” which is basically an amber beer brewed with lager yeast at higher than normal temperatures and moderately hopped with classic American citrus and piney varieties.  But, we used the brewing procedures normally employed for a Kentucky Common (you see where this is going now?) and called it Kentuckifornia Kommon…golly how clever eh, dude.  Those procedures include, letting our house strain of Lactobacillus Brevis work on the wort before pitching yeast at an elevated temperature.  Then we aged this in Brettanomyces inoculated American and French Oak barrels to rest and continue to ferment for another two months.  The result is proof that AtG/Abnormal and Kentucky and California both have something in Kommon.


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