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Johann Paycheque

Wine Barrel-Aged Sour Ale with Brettanomyces|8.5%

Take this beer and drink it! I aint twerkin here no more

Sometimes you gotta take this beer and shove ittraditional mixed ferm, barrel-aged saison is an old-y, and a good-y, but those beasts take a bit of time. And in today: use a hot fermenting yeast to jump-start Lacto fermentation, then age that biz in barrels with Brett for a mere 3 months. Not like those kettle-sour, Neon Cowboys that try to say Garth is the natural evolution from Merle. No, no we believe itor, not jumped up in a 18-hour sequins and fringe sourness, but also not quite as old. Johann is Old World fermentation meets New World process. Tip a hat and a glass, brother!


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