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Jacque’s Trappe


Jacque was an intrepid boy. He was always exploring. One day he fell into a Trappe. A dirty trappe. A dirty Jacque’s Trappe.

This may be as close to elegant as you’re ever going to get out of us. This Belgian Trippel was made with a huge load of pilsener malt and a generous helping of candi sugar fermented thoroughly by a Belgian Trappist yeast strain. The result is a crisp, clean flavor with just enough candy sweetness to tickle the palate without being cloying and a variety of fruity flavors from the yeast. The alcoholic burn is also ever so slightly present. Post fermentation, we aged this beer on French oak to further dry the perception and to add the spicy, vanilla notes characteristic of that wood. Please, try on our Jacque’s Trappe. We cleaned it.

Origin: Belgium secrets

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