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Inappropriately Placed Ale


You’ll love it, even if you feel ashamed of yourself afterward.

Just a sip, swish it around, feel it coat the inside of your mouth. Now take it again, a little more now, that’s right, relax, it’s not unnatural, it just feels that way. Think about how much you love the regular American Style Double IPAs that always hit the same spot. But this one…well, it wants to get a little freaky with you, this double American Style IPA wants to take you in a different way. Instead of the normal citrus bombs we’ve all gotten used to this IPA uses some of America’s rarely featured hops such as Willamette and Mt. Hood which have a much softer and earthy character. We still kept some citrusy Cascade for some aroma additions but this is a smoother hop profile than most double IPAs. Simplicity is the theme of the malt bill, using just pale ale malt and a little wheat for head retention. A scottish yeast provides the respectable yet not over the top alcohol percentage to put this in the double or imperial IPA category.

Double IPA, IPA
Character / Series


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