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Hopic Thunder

Rye IPA|8.5%

This beer wants you to take a step back and literally fuck your own face.

We honestly keep trying to make a mediocre IPA so that people won’t drink it so fast and we’ll be able to sit around and slack off for a while. We keep failing. This one is a pretty epic failure. A lightly ryed IPA grain bill provides the canvas on which the hops go to work. Bittered with the aggressive Pacific Gem from New Zealand and boosted by the Japanese Sorachi Ace, this beer is interesting before the American hops even kick in. And damn do they kick in. Sort your way through the dense foliage to find lemon in the Amarillo, orange in the Bravo, and a blend of citrus and piney resin in the Centennial. Mosaic then pulls the whole mess together by heightening and enhancing each other hop. Use it to fill your face hole.

Character / Series


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