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Hop ‘N Fresh Out the Kitchen

Fresh Hop Pale Ale|6.7%

It’s the remix to Ignition…

For this Fresh Hop Pale Ale we had the lovely growers from Hophead Farms in Hickory Corners, MI stop by on their way to points further south and drop off 39# of hops picked fresh from the fields THAT MORNING. ‘The benefit?” you may ask. Well, these young and lovely hops having bypassed the drying and packaging stages so that the delicate flavors and aromas that are lost in the processing are preserved. From this mix of Glacier, Crystal and an experimental Cascade derivative expect soft and juicy notes of orange and tangerine, chamomile, lemon zest and a mild grassy note. It’s young and fresh and R. Kelly approved, n’wam sayin’?

Pale Ale
Character / Series


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