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Try not to use big words, it’ll only confuse the Hoopleheads.

A beer for the masses, Hooplehead is an easy-drinking Double Pale Ale with a clean flavor and smooth finish. But don’t let this heavy-hitter fool you. An intricate layering of 5 different hops, (Crystal, Zythos and Citra most notably), lend this beer a fruity, almost perfumey floral character that isn’t palate smashing as some hop forward beers, but more of a pleasant, pint-long flavor experience. A Pilsner base with a hint of Wheat and Goldpils give this beer a modest sweetness and round mouthfeel that is balanced by a crisp bitterness. The finish is the only thing that tips the hand of this 9.0% Pale, with just a hint of lingerinhg boozy fruitiness. Such a smooth-talking beer should run for office.

Double IPA, IPA
Character / Series


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