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Hallowed Fox

Bier De Garde with Marjoram, Sage, and Yarrow Flower|8.0%

Crafty, cunning and damn near Divine.

Foxes are known for being clever, spirited beasts of beauty. This Biere de Garde brewed with Sage, Marjoram and hand-harvested Yarrow flower from Fox Hollow Farm could easily be called the same. The aroma is big on Sage, the body rich with notes of toast, toffee and caramel. Earthy herb flavors mingle with rich malts and big fruity esthers and finish with an almost licorice-like spiciness and a touch of sweetness from a late Sorghum addition. It is a mystical blend of flavors, and at 8%, a little mischievous as well.

Character / Series


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