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Gimme S’more

Rauchbier with Cocoa Nibs|8.2%

If you want it let me hear you say…

On our last hip-hop camping trip Busta suggested we do a S’more-style smoke beer. We washed down our s’mores that evening with a delicious Rauchbier whilst taking in the comforting aroma of crackling wood in the warm light of the campfire. We all agreed: he was onto something. This Rauchbier with cocoa nibs is dark and smooth, more reminiscent of Busta’s days with Tribe Called Quest, but with a boozy, smoky angle that reminds us of edgier times to come. With generous portions of caramal, melanoidin and a hint of roast malts, there is a distinctly toasty, sweet flavor and aroma that edges on graham cracker and marshmallow. Take a sip and let us hear ya say: Gimme S’more.

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