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Frothman Frothecies

Hoppy Lager|7.2%

Where is this beer? It’s in your shoe. Under the bed.

Another hoppy lager, this beer brings some lively flavors to the table. We took what is usually an IPA grain bill for us and departed from there. The lager yeast makes this techinically an IPL. Full bodied for a lager, look for a crisp but not thin mouthfeel. The hop profile is dominated by a blend of Amerian Falconer’s Flight and New Zealand Motueka. The rind-like citrus from the Falconer’s pairs well with the andy-like lemon and lime from Motueka while notes of both pine and tropical fruits back everything up. When you need something lively to fend off Indrid Cold, look no further.

Character / Series


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