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Freigeist – Gegen Den Strom Knupp

German-Style Imperial Stout|8.8%

A Traditional German Style Imperial Stout. This traditional German style Imperial Stout has coffee and wood notes with just a bite of smoke. It was aged in second-use American oak bourbon barrels and the malt was house-smoked in Alder wood. Drink with caution though or Dark just might reveal his ghost self in your old haunts. (On Can). It was 1918 when Dark made his noble mark. His pride took him outside the city walls of Cologne to scout the dense forest. High in a tree he found the white flower pinned it upon his chest and proved himself a true soldier, but on his return, he came upon a bind of flowers so beautiful he died. Dark has returned, a ghost of his former self, to harvest the finest floral hops in all of Germany to adorn his barrels filled with traditional German stout just as imperial as himself.

Character / Series


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