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Fish Boi

Strawberry Rhubarb Ale |3.2%

We’ve all heard of self-determination & self-esteem, but have you heard of self-collaboration?! In the age of self-quarantine, we cannot bring ourselfs together to collaborate. To amend this, we called upon our past selfs to make a collaboration with our current selfs! Jerry Gnagy, AtG Co-founder & brewer, revived his self-made, fictional home brewery from 1993, Fishboy Brewing, for a one-time project with his current brewery, AtG. The result of this self-collab is a refreshing ale with strawberry & rhubarb & with an ABV of 3.2%, there’s no reason to be selfish or self-conscious about having a few. Go ahead, self-indulge!


Character / Series
rhubarb, strawberry
Collaboration With
Fish Boy Brewing


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